Book writing journal #1

How do you write a book about NFP?

So we decided to write a book about NFP – but how can we accomplish that? How do you write a book anyway? And how do you write a book about NFP?

We figured out we had different possibilities, but none of them was what we were really looking for. We considered promoting NFP by demonizing birth control or by winning our readers for Church values. We also saw we could just introduce our readers to different NFP methods or combine all these different ways.

Or we could do something totally different. But what?


All in all we realized that all these approaches could easily lead to an arrogant and pretentious stance that we don’t want to be a part of. So we decided to take a different path and be more personal. We want our book to be a personal testimony of our journey to NFP. At the same time we sure want to share our opinions on Church values, biblical principles, different NFP methods and birth control. And we don’t want our book to be too autobiographic.

Our goal is to encourage our readers and to inspire them with information that is down-to-earth and hands-on. At the same time we hope to motivate our readers to ponder and contemplate Christian views on family, family planning, marriage, life – and sex. And of course NFP.

So be prepared for a personal testimony about NFP AND for encouraging and inspiring information about biblical and Church teachings on various subjects! And of course for more book writing journal articles in the future.


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