Everyday Miracles

Do you believe in miracles? If you’re a Christian you probably do but what does “miracle” mean to you?

We all know biblical texts that describe miracles: Jesus healing people, Jesus raising people from the dead, the disciples praying in tongues and just so many other stories. So how do you perceive miracles in your own everyday life? Do you even believe in everyday miracles?

I actually do.


Let me explain: Every time I look at my daughter or at my growing baby bump I can see a miracle. It’s just the miracle of life. Many people out there believe life is just kind of an accident, it just accidentally came into existence. But honestly, life is a miracle in itself. To me it sure is a miracle that there is a whole new human being growing in my belly who my body is caring for.

When I’m going for a walk I often feel like being struck by so many miracles around me. I can see trees and bushes and so many different plants – and you know what? Those trees provide us with fruit, so do bushes and a lot of all these different plants around us are eatable, too. They provide us with food, just like that. And in those moments I feel that we’re cared for. And isn’t that a miracle, too?

So where do you see miracles in your everyday life?


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