Book writing journal #2

Spicing up informative texts

Our book writing project is making progress, we’ve already finished almost all informative texts! But now there’s a new challenge: How do we revise our texts?

Informative texts are good, they are – informative… But do you really like to read them? Or asked differently: Do you love to read them?

We actually don’t. And here’s the problem: We want our readers to love reading our book. So we’ve got to spice our texts up a little.


Maybe you can help us: What kind of texts would you love to read about NFP? What kind of testimony would inspire you in your own life?

Right now we’re trying to get more personal. Information about NFP is good – and crucial for a book about NFP – but a personal testimony about NFP makes it come alive. Our goal is to merge all the facts about NFP with our personal story.


2 thoughts on “Book writing journal #2

  1. Darf ich Deutsch antworten? Ich betreibe NFP mehr oder weniger seit 13 Jahren… (abzüglich vier Schwangerschaften und längerer Stillzeiten). Meine Frage ist vielleicht etwas brisant. Wie gehen andere Paare damit um, dass die weibliche Lust bei vielen Frauen zyklusgebunden ist? D.h. vor dem Eisprung hat man mehr Lust als danach und die Zeit um den Eisprung ist am lustintensivsten. Würde ich nur NFP nutzen, müsste ich quasi immer “antizyklisch” handeln. Darum nutze ich zusätzlich ein Diaphragma. Das andere, was für mich ein Fragezeichen ist, ist mein unregelmäßiger Zyklus. Ich hatte noch nie einen regelmäßigen, der Eisprung findet zwischen Tag 20 und Tag 45 statt. Würde ich nur NFP nutzen, dann hätte ich z.T. seeehr lange Abstinenzzeiten. Medikamente möchte ich nicht nehmen, dass die Unregelmäßigkeiten keine weiteren Probleme bereitet. Was mich noch interessieren würde: Wie gehen andere Paare damit um, dass es immer mal wieder zu Situationen kommt, wo man denkt, man könnte vielleicht doch schwanger geworden sein, weil man mal etwas unvorsichtig war. Oder haben das nur wir gelegentlich mal gehabt 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment, Martha. We’d like to translate it in order to make it comprehensible for all our readers.

      Martha writes she uses NFP – or to be more precisely FA (Fertility Awareness) – for more or less than 13 years. She has a question for NFP users (who only use NFP not adding any other birth control methods like condoms or diaphragms). Her question is how couples cope with the different levels of female libido being most intense around ovulation which is the time of abstinence. Her second question addresses irregular cycles which can be a huge challenge for NFP users, as an FA user she can compensate times of abstinence – which can be very long if you’re facing irregular cycles – with additional birth control methods. In her third and last question ponders the fact how to handle situations where you don’t know if you’re pregnant again because you haven’t been following the rules of NFP.

      Dear Martha,
      thank you so much for your comment. We’re going to try to answer your questions from our perspective – maybe other readers would like to add their views.

      1. Not all women’s libido is alike, so not all couples face the “problem” you described. Those who do deal in many different ways with this challenge – because it really is a challenge, but no one said NFP is easy. 😉 Let’s just say it’s not forbidden to be tender around ovulation.

      2. Irregular cycles are always a big challenge, too. You can overcome the same way we suggested in our first answer (being tender), but they remain a challenge.

      3. We doubt that it’s possible to give an absolute answer to that question, because every couple is so different. How do you deal with situations like that?

      We hope we could answer your questions? If not please feel free to ask again!


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