Two under two – bedtimes=bad times?

Life can be like a roller coaster ride with two kids under two – it can be fun, frustrating and scary at the same time. There are so many precious moments that you treasure in your heart for the rest of your life, and there are those moments that can really be a challenge.

One of those challenging moments can be bedtime. In the best case one of the kids is already asleep – most likely the baby – and the toddler is so tired that it doesn’t take long to sing him to sleep. In the worst case both kids are awake and crying. So what strategies are there to handle bedtimes? How do we as a family handle bedtimes?


When we are both at home Mom takes the baby and Dad sings the toddler to sleep. Most of the time that works really well for us, except for when the toddler doesn’t really feel like sleeping although she is more than tired. However, that only works at night, afternoon nap is another story…

Throughout the day Mom is at home with the kids and Dad is at work, so Mom has to find a solution for afternoon naptime on her own. Sometimes she allows the toddler to play until the baby falls asleep before she puts her to bed. Often that works really well, but sometimes the toddler is so tired that Mom needs to put her to bed while the baby is still awake – and tired. So she found a really unique solution for moments like this: She takes both kids to Mom’s and Dad’s bed, holds them in her arms and tries to rock both kids to sleep at the same time. That sounds weird and it sure looks weird, but somehow it works.

Besides: A big helper for crazy bedtimes is the baby hammock. The baby loves her baby hammock, so Mom can put her there while she sings the toddler to sleep.

And Mom has another emergency solution for really bad bedtimes: In moments when both kids are crying and there is just no way of handling the situation Mom puts the baby in her baby sling walking and dancing through the home hoping she will fall asleep. At the same time she triesto take the toddler with her on her tour around the home singing songs to both children. Sometimes those songs calm the kids down, but in case they don’t they sure calm Mom down. As soon as the baby is asleep Mom takes the toddler to bed singing and rocking her to sleep while the baby remains in her baby sling.

Strategies that work for bedtimes with two kids under two are often uncomfortable, unique and sometimes even a little crazy – and so is life with a baby and a toddler. And at the same time it is so precious and an everyday adventure.




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