Two under two – Celebrating Christmas

Have you ever celebrated Christmas with a family with two kids under two? If not: It can be a real adventure, give it a try!

Christmas is a wonderful time – a time of rest and peace in the family, a time of spiritual growth, a time of fine food, a time of coziness and recreation. However, Christmas sure looks a little different for a family with little kids.


Let’s talk about rest and peace in the family first. Peace is actually not the problem, because a baby and a toddler hardly fight with each other. Rest is a completely different story though… But honestly: Who wants rest when you have the possibility to spend Christmas with two little blessings, two miracles, two miracles who are very active and very lively. It’s demanding, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Spiritual growth sure takes place, but maybe not the way we originally anticipated: We hardly have the time to ponder theological questions, however, there is more than enough time to marvel at all those little miracles that cross our path every day. And that’s definitely worth it.

There is definitely a lot of fine food at Christmas – however, there is only very little time to enjoy it. Although both kids are diapered just before the meal, Mom and Dad will spend a whole lot of time rocking the baby to sleep because all of a sudden she is awfully tired, changing the toddler because she spilled some of that fine food all over her fine clothes, running to the bathroom again because the toddler or the baby or  both kids need to get diapered again, changing oneself and the baby because she suddenly felt like vomitting… Mealtimes are always chaotic in families with two kids under two, but who really cares? Fine food is still fine food, even though it’s chaotic.

After all Christmas with two kids under two may not be a whole lot of recreation, it is a lot of fun and in way it can also be cozy.

Merry Christmas!


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