Two under two – Mealtimes…

Are you looking challenging experiences that are demanding, funny and exciting at the same time? Are you looking for little adventures in your everyday life?

Well, try mealtimes with two kids under two…

Just imagine: You prepared an outstanding meal, set the table, lit a candle, sat down with your loved ones to say grace and to just have a wonderful time together, have a good talk about everything that’s on your mind and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

Got it?


OK, that’s not a meal with two kids under two. Let’s just correct the picture:

You prepared a simple meal, because you just don’t have the time to cook something extravagant. There is just so many other things to do.

You set the table – well, actually you set it once, twice … let’s just say several times because your toddler tries to help you and explore the dishware in her very own way…

You lit a candle praying your toddler’s arms wouldn’t be long enough to explore the candle, too.

You sat down with your loved ones. Actually you sat down with the toddler to say grace, but then the baby started crying. So you stood up again to calm her down. And the toddler stood up to do something really funny. Then you sat down again with the baby in your arms to say grace with the toddler. The toddler started to eat. You started to breastfeed the baby. Then you stood up again because the baby needed to get diapered. When you came back the toddler needed to get diapered.

Mealtimes can be really stressful! But you know what? They can also be very precious. Just imagine the toddler jumping for joy about a simple  glass of water. Or imagine the baby being all smiles after breastfeeding her because she is full and happy. Doesn’t that set the record straight somehow? Doesn’t that remind you how precious food and drinkable water is and that we take it for granted way too often although it’s not?

Try mealtimes with two kids under two – it’s worth it!


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