Two under two – No-Cry-Solutions…

As a young Mom of two kids under two you are in special need of No-Cry-Solutions – and they are not always easy to find…

Children are so precious, they are always honest, they are generous, they gracious, they are funny and sometimes they are even wise. We can learn a lot from them – mostly about ourselves. And mostly in situations that are very demanding.

As a parent of two kids under two you will maybe face situations like that more frequently than other parents, e.g. in moments when both kids are crying. And how do you find a No-Cry-Solution after all?


Well, sometimes you won’t, that’s a fact. But most times you will, so there’s no need to get demoralized. What about leaving the room for just two minutes for a quick prayer? What about singing a song you and your children enjoy – not just to calm them down but also for you to cool off?

In our family Mom had  to (and sometimes still has to) learn to ask herself a real basic question: “Is it really necessary for the children to do as I say right now?” That may sound too simple, but it sure is very effective: Does the toddler really need take a nap right now? What about a quick family hug first, or another song, another story or just another five minutes time to play or do whatever the toddler needs to do.

Will the world really fall apart if the toddler takes her nap half an hour or an hour later? The secret to Mom’s No-Cry-Solutions is to cool things down by slowing them down. Slowing down things helps to not getting to excited about things.

And one thing that never hurts and always helps is a quick prayer.