Two under two – Nighttime…

“How do you do that at night?” – that is definitely one of those questions you get a lot with two kids under two. Somehow nights with toddlers and babies are considered to be very hard.

Which needs not necessarily be the case!


In our family we have basically established some very clear jurisdictions: Mom is responsible for the baby, Dad cares for the toddler. Most nights that works really well, so we hardly complain about the nights.

Another reason for our not-so-hard-nights is that we all sleep in one room – and most nights we even share one bed. That is a really comfortable solution for us because neither of the children needs to cry to call our attention and neither of us needs to get up to meet the children’s needs.

However, there are those tough nights, too, of course. Sometimes one of the children isn’t well or they both wake each other up all night. Those really are demanding times. Sometimes Mom has to move out of the bedroom and spend the night on the sofa together with the baby.

Nevertheless, nights like that are really really rare in our family. It is actually quite the contrary: Most nights all of us get enough sleep.


A Weekend in Pictures – April 23rd/24th 2016

This was a real April weekend with real April weather. Luckily I love rainy weather.


April isn’t only the month of uncertain weather it’s also a beautiful month in spring – and I love spring! Would you just look at those leaves, they are stunning, aren’t they?


And there is more: We’re enjoying our home-grown parsley:


Of course we also enjoy our time together as a family:


Our children learn so many things just before our very eyes – e.g. dressing themselves. And let’s be honest here: If you have a bunch of nice shoes why just wear one pair at a time?


Dressing yourself isn’t the only thing you learn as a toddler, though, how about some sportive activities?


But there is time for rest, too. E.g. time for reading…


… time for siting on Mommy’s lap…


… and time for some fun moisturizer experiments.


How was your weekend?

Two under two – Doing housework

Obviously there is a lot of housework to do if you have to kids under two. But how do you do that? Well, that’s a legitimate question…

However, in our family it kind of works. Somehow. Sometimes it works really well, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. And that’s just how life is with two really little little ones. And that’s OK.

However, Mom has found some tricks that help her a lot throughout the day – and maybe there is something in for you, too? Let’s see.


The toddler actually loves to watch Mom do her housework. Actually she not only loves to watch Mom being busy, she also loves to help her. And why not? Itsure can get a little messy, but the toddler is busy, entertained and happy. And that’s worth it.

However, with the baby it’s not as simple as with the toddler. The baby is not as interested in housework as her sibling and she is too small to help, so she easily gets frustrated. Maybe you know that situation, too? What do you do?

Often Mom takes the baby sling and puts the baby on her back. Usually she does that when she needs to do something that keeps her in motion most of the time. The baby loves to be rocked like this on Mom’s back and often even falls asleep. Sometimes Mom uses the baby hammock and tries to keep up with her chores while rocking the baby in her hammock.


However, the baby often starts to complain in her hammock because she feels she just doesn’t see enough from there. Sometimes Mom puts the baby on a blanket on the floor and hopes the toddler will entertain her or she puts her in her bassinet and hopes she will be happy there. Or she carries the baby in her arm doing her work with just one hand.

You’d be surprised how many things you can do using just one hand!

Occasionally, however, there is just no solution that works. Those are the times when Mom takes both kids for a walk to the playground or to park although the home is really really messy. Or she takes some time to just sit on the sofa in the middle of that chaos that she hopes to transform into a cozy home sometime again.

And you know what? Those can be really precious times.



A Weekend in Pictures – April 16th/17th 2016

This weekend has been a rainy yet cozy weekend for our family with more indoor than outdoor activities. See for yourself:


Our kids are very creative and have tons of funny ideas. This weekend they tried to bake a Chestnut pie…


… they practiced dressing themselves…


… they painted and wrote letters…


… they practiced cleaning up (and let’s just say there sure is a lot to clean up)…


… they enjoyed playing with their dolls …


… and with their chubby feet.


Mom and Dad on the other hand had to face a major laundry crisis…


… and let’s just say a broken washing machine isn’t really a lot of fun especially if your children wear cloth diapers…


However, our weekend was great. How was yours?


Avoiding Plastics in your family life -Microplastics in your closet!

Just last week we have discussed why it might be a good thing to avoid plastics in your family life due to health threatening additives contained in plastics and environmental pollution problems caused by plastics.

Now we’d like to go one step further and show you what you can do in your family to avoid plastics.

One major problem about plastics is that you actually don’t always see it! Ever heard of Microplastics? Microplastics are little plastic particles that you can hardly see. They are often found in waters – especially parts of the oceans are widely polluted by microplastics. Since plastics doesn’t decompose over time many organisms ingest, accumulate and incorporate it which actually bears some major environmental problems.


So what can you do to prevent this kind of pollution?

The first and most important thing is to pay attention to what kind of clothes and cosmetics you purchase. Microplastics often come from synthetics such as polyester, polyamide and acrylic fabrics contained in clothes and from plastic particles used in cosmetics, e.g. exfoliation products or toothpaste. Every time you wash your laundry or you use you exfoliation cosmetics little plastic particles – microplastics – arrive through your domestic sewage at the ocean.


So what is the solution?

Stop buying synthetics and cosmetics that contain plastics! Get clothes made from cotton, linnen, wool, silk, rayon, viscose or lyocell instead. Simple as that.

If you want to read more go to

One Percent for the Planet

Shop ethicalShop ethical

Marine Conservation Society

Marine Debris Program

International Pellet Watch


A Weekend in Pictures – April 9th/10th 2016

The past weekend was a beautiful spring weekend for our family – that’s why we spent a lot of time outside to enjoy the sun, spring blossoms and fresh air. But you can see for yourself!


Our children enjoyed being outside and had a lot of fun…


… on the playground! Personally I was smitten by all the gorgeous spring blossoms:


But not only the magnolias looked fantastic, look at those beautiful green leaves that I saw at the river!


As you might know already we love to bake in our family. This weekend we made some home-made Cookies – don’t they look fabulous?


Spending so much time outside one of our children brought a beautiful gift, that she found:


However, there is more to a family weekend – especially with two kids under two: Laundry…


… but sometimes I even find enough time for my favorite hobby: Knitting…


Our kids love to read, they don’t love to put their books back to where they belong, though…


The end of our weekend, however, was spectacular:


How was your weekend?


Why it is so important to avoid plastics

In 2009 Werner Boote, an Austrian Filmmaker, released his movie “Plastic Planet” – so far there seems to be no English translation, but “Addicted to Plastic” by Ian Connacher is a similar movie released in English. Both Filmmakers investigate plastics as a global environmental burden and strongly appeal to the public to start to avoid plastics.

Why is that?



Actually there are several reasons why you should avoid plastics – mainly health and environmental reasons.

Plastics contain lots of different components, that can threaten your health. The most known health threatening component in plastics is Bisphenol A (BPA), widely used e.g. in baby bottles. Now certain manufacturers start to produce baby bottles and other products without BPA. That’s a good thing. But unfortunately there are still lots of other components in plastics that can be health threatening, e.g. phthalates and toxic additives.

Scientists assume that lots of additives contained in plastics can have different harmful effects especially on your child’s health, such as allergies, hormonal and metabolic disorders. Some scientists even suspect not only BPA but also phthalates and other components to even cause cancer.

But health issues is not all there is to it.



A lot of environmental problems are also caused by plastics. Unlike other materials such as paper, glass, wood or steel plastics can’t easily be reused or recycled. Plastics are not made-to-last, so they cause a lot of garbage which pollutes not only our cities, but also rivers and especially the oceans.

This is frightening but it is not unchangeable. You can make a difference! You can help to protect God’s wonderful creation.

So stay tuned!

In course of the following weeks and months we want to share lots of tips and tricks about how you can avoid plastics and how you can establish a sustainable family life.

You want to read more? Here are a few more interesting links:

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