Two under two – What we can learn from our children

Usually we tend to talk and think about what our children have to learn from us – today we want to turn tables: We want to ponder on what we can learn from our children. And let’s just say, there is a lot we can learn from them, even if we have two kids under two!

How much time to you spend watching your children? I mean just watching, not looking after them, just watching what they are doing and how they are doing it.

It’s amazing!


In our family Mom tries to regularly take some time to just watch her little ones playing, learning and interacting with each other. She gets deeply impressed observing how concentrated the toddler arranges her own learning environment. She puts so much effort and passion in achieving her own learning targets! She doesn’t need a teacher, though…

So Mom learned a lot about consistency and patience from the toddler.

But that’s not all there is to it. Mom also learned so much about creativity, forgiveness, good will, fairness and trust from both the baby and the toddler that it is somehow humbling.

God gave us the opportunity to teach our children lots of things, but he also gave us the to learn from them and with them. Take that opportunity, it’s definitely worth it!


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