A Weekend in pictures – April 2nd/3rd 2016

This weekend was our first springlike weekend this year – and we enjoyed it so much! We’d love to share some of our most beautiful impressions with you- e.g. this wonderful morning at the lake:


We just had to take multiple pictures of this beautiful morning. Can you imagine something more lovely than the morning sun being reflected in the water making the lake sparkle all over?


This weekend we still celebrate Easter – it’s the second Sunday of the Eastertide, which lasts until Pentecost. That’s the reason why our house still has its Easter decoration:


Our Easter eggs are hand-painted. Some of them were painted by us, others are a real family heirloom. We hang them up every year, which is a beautiful tradition for us:


In addition to our Easter eggs we brought some more spring into our house:


In the first place, however, we spent this beautiful spring weekend outside – at the lake and on the playground of course…


… and on the train.


At home we baked our weekend buns…


… and learned again from our children that chaos really is creative…


… and that toys don’t need to be expensive and ready-made, but that they can also be used in a very creative way – like these pots and pans:


How was your weekend?


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