A Weekend in Pictures – April 9th/10th 2016

The past weekend was a beautiful spring weekend for our family – that’s why we spent a lot of time outside to enjoy the sun, spring blossoms and fresh air. But you can see for yourself!


Our children enjoyed being outside and had a lot of fun…


… on the playground! Personally I was smitten by all the gorgeous spring blossoms:


But not only the magnolias looked fantastic, look at those beautiful green leaves that I saw at the river!


As you might know already we love to bake in our family. This weekend we made some home-made Cookies – don’t they look fabulous?


Spending so much time outside one of our children brought a beautiful gift, that she found:


However, there is more to a family weekend – especially with two kids under two: Laundry…


… but sometimes I even find enough time for my favorite hobby: Knitting…


Our kids love to read, they don’t love to put their books back to where they belong, though…


The end of our weekend, however, was spectacular:


How was your weekend?



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