A Weekend in Pictures – April 23rd/24th 2016

This was a real April weekend with real April weather. Luckily I love rainy weather.


April isn’t only the month of uncertain weather it’s also a beautiful month in spring – and I love spring! Would you just look at those leaves, they are stunning, aren’t they?


And there is more: We’re enjoying our home-grown parsley:


Of course we also enjoy our time together as a family:


Our children learn so many things just before our very eyes – e.g. dressing themselves. And let’s be honest here: If you have a bunch of nice shoes why just wear one pair at a time?


Dressing yourself isn’t the only thing you learn as a toddler, though, how about some sportive activities?


But there is time for rest, too. E.g. time for reading…


… time for siting on Mommy’s lap…


… and time for some fun moisturizer experiments.


How was your weekend?


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