Two under two – Nighttime…

“How do you do that at night?” – that is definitely one of those questions you get a lot with two kids under two. Somehow nights with toddlers and babies are considered to be very hard.

Which needs not necessarily be the case!


In our family we have basically established some very clear jurisdictions: Mom is responsible for the baby, Dad cares for the toddler. Most nights that works really well, so we hardly complain about the nights.

Another reason for our not-so-hard-nights is that we all sleep in one room – and most nights we even share one bed. That is a really comfortable solution for us because neither of the children needs to cry to call our attention and neither of us needs to get up to meet the children’s needs.

However, there are those tough nights, too, of course. Sometimes one of the children isn’t well or they both wake each other up all night. Those really are demanding times. Sometimes Mom has to move out of the bedroom and spend the night on the sofa together with the baby.

Nevertheless, nights like that are really really rare in our family. It is actually quite the contrary: Most nights all of us get enough sleep.


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