Two under two – Blogging

Are you curious how blogging with two kids under two works? Does it work at all?

Well, obviously it does. Or at least: Most times it does.


Like we pointed out in one earlier post you need both a lot of structure and flexibility to get anything done. There are really tons of things that need to be done! Cooking, laundry, cleaning, putting away things, grocery shopping – you name it. And not to forget playing, singing, cuddling, book reading, painting, crafting – let’s just say Mom is never bored in our family!

So how do you schedule all that plus blogging?

Actually Mom basically uses the time when both kids are asleep to blog. It strongly depends on how long both little ones nap how much she can get done. Since Mom really loves to write, she can write a lot in just a very short amount of time. Somehow it works and most time it isn’t even that hard.


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