A Weekendin Pictures – May 21st/22nd 2016

This was one hot spring weekend – and although we usually don’t enjoy heat that much we had a great time as a family. We enjoyed having family and friends over for a time full of laughter, good food, good talks and playground time.


In our family we have a tradition that is very dear to us: Our guest book. Every guest that we have who spends at least one night at our house gets to write something fun, wise or subtle into our book. Some of our guests prefer to draw something, which is also nice.


Nap time can be hard, though, in a family with two kids who hate hot weather. I doubt that anyone will ever fully understand how thankful I am for my book of hymns in these moments. It is definitely the greatest thing that keeps me calm while singing my children to sleep – for hours if necessary…



Books really are important to us. So you won’t be surprised to hear that my toddler gets very excited when I’m studying my bible, right?


Anyway, we spent a lot of time outside on the playground which was neat as always – especially since we all love being barefoot…


… and getting some rest.


Other than that I can’t spare you my blossoms pictures – you know how much I love them…



How was your weekend?


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