A Weekend in Pictures – June 11th/12th 2016 AND 12of12

So this weekend I don’t only participate in the well-known Weekend in Pictures – I also contribute to 12of12 which is another nice picture challenge. Be prepared for 12 pictures that show our past weekend and tell a very special tale.

So let’s get started:

We had a wonderful relaxed weekend, lots of family time – and rain. And we love rain! Honestly, we do! And who doesn’t?


I found these beauties on a walk that we took while the rain stopped for just a couple of hours. Somehow they look like gems to me…


I also love the sound of the pouring rain on our window – it is like soft and peaceful music.


I think you got the picture by now: I really REALLY love rain. And so does our toddler. And I can’t blame her for doing so, I mean, you get the chance to wear rain boots, rain pants, rain coats…


That’s not all, though. As you can see our toddler is a baby-wearing mommy – just like me.


Our playground, however, seemed to be abandoned this weekend.


Balancing and climbing is always fun – no matter whether it’s raining cats and dogs.


Well, yeah, we also needed our umbrella…


This is a little construction area that our toddler is smitten of, we needed to take this picture for her!


What else did we do on this rainy weekend? Well, we had home-made pizza…


… and home-made waffles.


The end of a rainy weekend:


How was your weekend? Do you love rainy days, too?


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