Unschooling and schooling all at once?

Never heard of that before, have you? No, me neither. But that might be the only chance we have to unschool our kids in this country. Unfortunately we have Compulsory School Attendance over here, so unschooling and any other form of Home Education is considered illegal.

I already told you a little about that.


So what are our options? I mean realistically? Do I want to go to jail for not being willing to public school my kids? Do I want to be financially ruined? Do I want to lose custody? No, I don’t. Do I want to fight the system? Yes, I do. Am I willing to do harm to my children because I want to fight the system? No, I most definitely am not.

So here we go. There is no real solution to this, is there?

Well, maybe there is. Maybe there is something we can do without being prosecuted by the state. Maybe we just have to be really REALLY creative. Let’s see. How about looking for a school that works with an alternative curriculum? Without giving grades? Without forcing students to repeat a year if they didn’t satisfy all expectations?


The good thing is: There are schools like this. They are still schools, so they are not what I’m dreaming of. BUT my kids could just learn as freely as possible – in this country. They don’t feel like doing their homework but do something more interesting instead? Great – since there are no grades there are no bad consequences to this and I could let them do as they like without doing harm to them. They can take almost full responsibility for their educational choices that way.

And they can learn as free as possible.

OK, I’m not going to sugar-coat this: I hate that idea. I want to unschool my kids. I want them to learn at home, in the garden, at the beach, in a local library – where ever they want. Whatever they want. When ever they want. How they want.

But that is just not going to happen…


3 thoughts on “Unschooling and schooling all at once?

  1. If you “unschool” your children every moment they are outside the classroom, won’t they get the benefits of both worlds? The structure and comrodery of a classroom that is good training for most future employment (few people are lucky enough to avoid working at least a little while under a corporate structure that depends on submitting to a higher-ups vision, even though its different from our own). While the unschooling gives them the confidence to pursue their own interests deeply so that they don’t have to stay under “the Man’s” thumb forever. And even as you may not like how or what is taught in the classroom, it is practically impossible that you would be able to introduce your child (children) to everything in the world ( and your teachers will undoubtedly miss stuff as well), but working together you can cover a lot more ground. Classmates can also be an invaluable source of education as each child experiences a different way of life. Don’t look at your situation as a battle of wills, but as just another learning moment for your child.


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