Hi, I’m glad you’re here! I thought I’d tell you a little about me and why I blog, is that OK?
I’m Ida, married to a wonderful man and Mom of two precious children (so far). I am Catholic, socially conservative and I passionately promote NFP. Other than that I am eco-conscious always looking for sustainable ways to live as a growing family.
My husband and I chose that our kids may stay at home with me. We’re pursuing a gentle, need-oriented parenting style and would love to unschool our kids – this decision, however, isn’t easy to make for us, since we’re living in a country with compulsory school attendance… You want to know how we cope with this struggle? Read on!
I’m sharing lots of thoughts about Attachment Parenting, unschooling and sustainability and also about my Catholic faith on this blog.
I’m also an education researcher, an author and obviously a blogger and I love crafting and handiwork and being creative. Unfortunately I tend to always have too many ideas, so I often get bogged down in details…
Anyways, please make yourselves at home, I’m so happy you found me and please always feel free to contact me!

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