A Weekend in Pictures – July 23rd/24th 2016

What a turbulent time! Our weekend started with our parish priest stopping by for a cup of coffee and some home made waffles. Later on friends came over and spent the night. We had a great time talking, cooking, eating and watching the children play. Could there possibly be a better start for a great weekend?



Other than that we basically spent the weekend packing up…



… which was a lot of fun for the kids, but not so much for us. Every once in while we had to take a break, though…



On Sunday after Mass we decided to eat out and to enjoy the sunshine and a little free time…


The end of the weekend…



How was your weekend?



A Weekend in Pictures – July 16th/17th 2016

We have had an eventful beautiful weekend – family trips, playground time, Holy Mass and great food. Is there anything more you can possibly dream of? Our weekend started on a very early Saturday morning when we were headed to the railroad station. What an adventure for the kids!


Going on a family trip by train is something we enjoy as a family – we love trains and everything that goes with it! The kids had fun time looking out of the window, snacking, reading and running around.


Since we had mostly sunny and warm weather we spent most time outside – on the playground, in the park, taking a walk. And also in the zoo. Although I really hate zoos…


I think the kids enjoyed our trip to the zoo, though – and I don’t blame them. However, I really can’t help it, I always get so sad watching those beautiful creatures caged for our pleasure. Catching a glimpse of this baby zebra made me feel very ambivalent. Somehow I was happy to watch the two of them, but at the same time it made me so unhappy to realize that this cute baby zebra will never know what freedom is…


Those two rhinos seemed to be very relaxed and didn’t bother being stared at by the crowd outside the compound. But I don’t like to see them caged. Aren’t they majestic creatures? It breaks my heart that they are critically endangered animals.


Oh yeah, and I love this llama.

It has been a long weekend – which doesn’t necessarily mean that our kids are tired and need to sleep, though…


Well, never mind. It has been exciting for our kids, so I do understand they can’t sleep. I wouldn’t mind your prayers, though, maybe they can sleep at least through the night?

Anyways. How was your weekend?

A Weekend in Pictures – July 2nd/3rd 2016

This past weekend has been very relaxed for us. We spent a lot of time just being at home or going for a walk. Nothing fancy really. Nothing special. But VERY comfortable! And we enjoyed it.


In our family we are very passionate about reading. Actually I think there is hardly a better way to spend a relaxed weekend than to read just as much as possible. My toddler apparently feels the same way…


We also enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking all kinds of things…


Our kids love to just be with us while we our doing housework. They either watch us do what we do…


… or they participate as much as they can.


Then again we stop and watch them as they learn and grow up right before our very eyes.


The end of the weekend: Don’t you think rainy weekends really are utterly romantic? I most definitely do!


How was your weekend?

A Weekend in Pictures – June 11th/12th 2016 AND 12of12

So this weekend I don’t only participate in the well-known Weekend in Pictures – I also contribute to 12of12 which is another nice picture challenge. Be prepared for 12 pictures that show our past weekend and tell a very special tale.

So let’s get started:

We had a wonderful relaxed weekend, lots of family time – and rain. And we love rain! Honestly, we do! And who doesn’t?


I found these beauties on a walk that we took while the rain stopped for just a couple of hours. Somehow they look like gems to me…


I also love the sound of the pouring rain on our window – it is like soft and peaceful music.


I think you got the picture by now: I really REALLY love rain. And so does our toddler. And I can’t blame her for doing so, I mean, you get the chance to wear rain boots, rain pants, rain coats…


That’s not all, though. As you can see our toddler is a baby-wearing mommy – just like me.


Our playground, however, seemed to be abandoned this weekend.


Balancing and climbing is always fun – no matter whether it’s raining cats and dogs.


Well, yeah, we also needed our umbrella…


This is a little construction area that our toddler is smitten of, we needed to take this picture for her!


What else did we do on this rainy weekend? Well, we had home-made pizza…


… and home-made waffles.


The end of a rainy weekend:


How was your weekend? Do you love rainy days, too?

A Weekend in pictures – June 4th/5th 2016

What an eventful and hot early summer weekend! Actually our weekend started at the local zoo – where we met this handsome fella.


I’m not necessarily a peacock-loving person – the peacock, however, seemed to really like me…


Anyhow, fortunately we also encountered my favorite birds: Sparrows!


We sure enjoyed our time at the zoo, but at the same time we gave this whole imprisoning-exotic-animals-in-order-to-preserve-the-animals-we-are-killing-in-other-parts-of-the-world-due-to-pollution-thing a lot of thought. I always get kind of sad at the zoo – and it always makes me so pensive. I think I’m going to share my thoughts on that topic with you in a special post some time this week.


These baby chicks seem to be imprisoned, too – but really they are not. We met them at a small farm that we also visited this week. And they had lots of baby chicks…


… and laying hens.


We spent so much time outside that our Baby was able to take her nap in the middle of trees, laying hens and baby chicks.


We also picked peppermint and elderflowers. The peppermint is going to get dried…


… the elderflowers are going to be our favorite jelly this summer!


But what would I be without my precious big helper around the house?


How was your weekend?